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BOLIVIA: What sign languages are used in Bolivia?

This article can help you answer the following questions:


Where is Bolivia?


How many Deaf / Hard of Hearing people are in Bolivia?

There are an estimated 385,210 Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the Bolivia.

This percentage is a rough estimation: 3.3% of the general population. Lack of research make estimating these numbers difficult. The World Health Organization estimates 5% of the world population has significant hearing loss. Keep in mind that developing nations typically have a much higher number of Deaf and Hard of Hearing populations.


What sign languages are used in Bolivia?

  • Lengua de Señas Bolivianas or Bolivian Sign Language

    • American Sign Language dialect

Written / spoken languages in Bolivia:

  • Castilian (Spanish)

  • Aymara

  • Araona

  • Baure

  • Bésiro

  • Canichana

  • Cavineño

  • Cayubaba

  • Chácobo

  • Chimán

  • Ese Ejja

  • Guaraní

  • Guarasu'we

  • Guarayu

  • Itonama

  • Leco

  • Machajuyai-Kallawaya

  • Machineri

  • Maropa

  • Mojeño-Ignaciano

  • Mojeño-Trinitario

  • Moré

  • Mosetén

  • Movima

  • Pacawara

  • Puquina

  • Quechua

  • Sirionó

  • Tacana

  • Tapieté

  • Toromona

  • Uru-Chipaya

  • Weenhayek

  • Yaminawa

  • Yuki

  • Yuracaré

  • Zamuco


How do you say Bolivia in sign language?


Where can I learn Bolivian Sign Language online?

This language is not yet available. If you would like to learn this language, please request it here:

InterSign University offers many international sign language courses. Check them out here:


What Deaf organizations are located in Bolivia?

Asociación De Sordos Del BENI

Description: Association of Deaf People in Beni State

Creadi – Anet

Description: Center for the Deaf in Tarija State.

Esc. Julia Jiménez de Gutiérrez

Hna. Elva Maciel, Directora

Phone: 3-3529570

Description: Rehabilitation & Training Centre in Santa Cruz State. [info confirmed w/third party]

Federación Boliviana de Sordos


Description: Charity for Ear and Hearing Care & other services

Source: Gallaudet


Additional sign language resources for Bolivia

We will update this section as more information becomes available.


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